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What is a Business Buyer Advocate?

A Business Buyer Advocate assists the Buyer through the business purchase process. Just as a Business Broker works exclusively for the Business Seller, the Business Buyer Advocate works exclusively for the Buyer.

Buying a business can be one of the biggest purchases in your life, and a Buyer Advocate can support you through that process to help you avoid any costly mistakes.

The Property Garden are your experts in buying businesses and we will work with you to understand your needs and to ensure that you buy the right business at the right price for you. The Property Garden have over 11 years experience in buying and building up successful businesses, and also have a background in Chartered Accounting.

Why use a Business Buyer Advocate?

Buying a business can be complex and time consuming with many factors to consider such as financial, emotional and personal circumstances.

Then when you eventually find a business that you think is suitable, you will have to perform adequate due diligence to assess the viability or potential of the business. There may be problems with the business which are missed which can have a significant financial impact in the long term. The business could be overvalued resulting in overpaying for the business.

Using a Business Buyer Advocate can and will help you with this process that needs to be planned and well executed. The Property Garden will:

  • Save you time: We will do the searching and assessing for you and only present businesses that suit your requirements.
  • Save you money: You will know fair value and potential hidden costs. Don’t overpay for your business.
  • Help you avoid stress: We will make the process easy for you.
  • Be your Melbourne business market expert: We are experts in the Melbourne market. Our Business Buyer Advocates have over 11 years’ buying and building up successful businesses, and also have a Chartered Accounting background.
  • Give you access to off market opportunities: We have relationships with Business Brokers and will sources businesses which suit your needs.
  • Conduct an objective full business assessment: We will fully assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business with an objective view. We will perform the due diligence to help you avoid purchasing the wrong business.
  • Negotiate on your behalf: The buying strategy is crucial to securing the business at the right price. Our Business Buyer Advocates will negotiate to obtain the best outcome for you.

We help you buy the right business at the right price

The Property Garden are Buyer Advocates specialising in the Greater Melbourne area and experts at helping you.

What we do

Understand your needs

We understand your needs and requirements before recommending appropriate types of businesses to you. Each buyer has different requirements, circumstances and budget. Looking for a business to run, rebuild or invest in? We work with both local and overseas buyers.

Business Search

We will conduct a business search according to your needs. We are your local Melbourne experts. With over 11 years in business buying, and a background in Chartered Accounting we have expert knowledge which enable us to be aware of the best opportunities for you.

Business Assessment

We objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of each business. This includes appropriate due diligence to ensure there are no hidden costs or other issues. The assessment is not generic and tailored to your needs.

Feng Shui Assessment

This is where East meets West with The Property Garden in our holistic assessment of a business. At this stage we can also conduct a Feng Shui assessment pre-purchase to ensure the energy supports the profitability of the business and the health and relationships of the staff.

Negotiate and purchase

We will negotiate for you to purchase the business for the best terms and price possible. We understand what drives the Sellers and will use this to your benefit. The Property Garden will negotiate and bid on your behalf to obtain the best outcome for you.