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Are you practicing Feng Shui without knowing it?

Are you practicing Feng Shui without knowing it? Here are some things which you do already which are considered good Feng Shui principles. Make some simple changes to enhance good

The Pros and Cons of buying off the plan property

Thinking of buying off the plan? Here are the things you must know before you do so. Do your homework when it comes to off the plan purchasesBuying ‘off the

This is the story of why

Have you stopped and thought about the reason why? Why do you do what you do, choose a certain job, live where you live or marry a certain person? Why

Is the number 4 unlucky in Feng Shui?

Would you buy a house with a number 4 in it? In Chinese culture we are told that some numbers are lucky and others not so lucky. But from a

What is the real price of a property?

How many times have you asked a real estate agent what the price of a property is, attended the auction to bid, only to end up missing out as it