Are you practicing Feng Shui without knowing it?

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Are you practicing Feng Shui without knowing it? Here are some things which you do already which are considered good Feng Shui principles.

Practicing Feng Shui can have great benefits to your health, wealth and relationships and overall sense of calm and happiness. You are practicing Feng Shui if you do any of the following:


If you regularly declutter and get rid of unused items such as clothing, books, trinkets and other things then you clearing past energy in your home and making way for new things. Clutter represents stuck energy and by removing this you are allowing new opportunities and things to come into your like.

Using natural light and airflow

Live in a house with good natural lighting and airflow? If your house utilises natural light in the main living areas and is open and spacious then this encourages positive energy flow within the house.

Rearranging furniture and space

If you rearrange furniture and your space whenever you require it to suit your needs, you are enhancing the way you use the room. If it is arranged correctly the energy in the room will help you have better conversations with others, make you feel at ease and concentrate better if you are studying or working from home.

Feng Shui can have an impact on your overall health and happiness. It doesn’t have to be complicated as even small changes can make a difference.

Kristie Lam, Buyers Advocate / Feng Shui Consultant at The Property Garden

Personalising your room

When you decorate a room with items that you love, every time you see these items they will make you feel happy, or relaxed. Items and objects affect how you feel without you even realising it. If you decorate a room with Feng Shui in mind it can bring the right energy into the room.

Have a beautiful front yard and entrance

What is at your front door is important and it impacts what energy comes into your home. If the front of your home is attractive, then this will attract more energy. If your front entrance is spacious and welcoming this will encourage energy to come into your home.

Practicing Feng Shui and making changes to enhance where you live can have a significant impact on your overall happiness. Feng Shui doesn’t have to be complicated – it can be as simple as having a vase full of beautiful flowers on the table.

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