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Mirrors are often used in households and are a common Feng Shui remedy. However, care must be taken when using them or else you may end up with a result which disrupts the energy flow in your home. Here are some do’s and don’ts when using mirrors in Feng Shui.

Using mirrors in your home the right way can make a remarkable difference to your space. The key is to use them to support the Feng Shui energy flow in your room.


DO reflect beautiful views of nature. Reflecting beautiful views of nature will bring this energy into the home and in effect double this energy.

DO use mirrors to add light and space. If you have a long hallway or a small entrance you can add a large mirror on the side to draw energy into the home. If you have small room a mirror can also create the feeling of space.

DO use mirrors in the living and dining areas. A dining table and its contents represents abundance and reflecting this can amplify this energy. Living areas which are also used frequently is another space where mirrors can be used to increase the energy in a home.

DO use whole mirrors. Use mirrors which are whole and in one piece. Avoid mirrors which are tiled or that are cracked, broken or distorted. A broken mirror amplifies the bad energy it creates. A distorted or old mirror reflects back a distorted image of yourself which will make you come to feel distorted over time.

Using mirrors in your home is a fantastic way to create light, space and good energy. Ensure that they are used correctly or else they can have the opposite effect.

Kristie Lam, Feng Shui Consultant / Buyers Advocate at The Property Garden


DON’T use a mirror in the bedroom. Having a mirror in the bedroom can result in a disturbed sleep, particularly if it reflects the bed. A mirror will bounce the energy and light around the room and also magnifies sound. This all impacts your quality of sleep.

DON’T place a mirror reflecting the front door. A mirror should never be placed at the entrance of a home so that it reflects the doorway. This pushes the energy coming in straight back out of the home. You can use a mirror at the entrance to open up the space as long as it is to the side of the entrance.

DON’T reflect negative views. Make sure mirrors aren’t placed where they reflect poor views such as a toilet, clutter or unattractive scenery. The mirror will magnify the negative energy of the item reflected.

DON’T place a mirror where it can “cut” you. Placing a mirror too high or low, or at the bottom of the stairs will cut your head or your feet. Ensure that you can see at least your entire head and shoulders.

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