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Have you stopped and thought about the reason why? Why do you do what you do, choose a certain job, live where you live or marry a certain person?

Normally we love sharing our Melbourne real estate knowledge with you, but today the team at The Property Garden would like to share with you the concept of a purpose driven enterprise.

When people talk or think about companies we speak about profit or not-for-profit but what if a company could combine both these concepts? This is what is known as a purpose driven enterprise where the most important driver is not just money. There is a balance between profit and purpose.

Companies often struggle to balance profit and purpose. They may focus on profits which are obtained by various methods such as promises, or compromises in quality, staff costs or perhaps other cost cutting exercises – the next dollar may be chased but at what cost? On the other hand, a company that focuses on purpose may make a great difference, but the trade-off could be running an un-sustainable business which would impact its long term viability.

What drives us is the ability to help people, the more people we help the more we can donate to those in need.

John Sekulic & Kristie Lam, Directors at The Property Garden

The Property Garden model is based on a purpose driven enterprise model. The founders come from not only a real estate background, but also a philanthropic, commercial and not-for-profit background and have combined their experiences to be able to make a difference. The key driver for the company was and is to help people, and the channels that this is done through are by helping our Buyers make good decisions and build wealth through property, and a donation of 20% of our profits to charity.

This is what gets us out of bed every day.

Being able to help not only our Buyers but also those in need. This is the why behind what we do.

So why do you do what you do?

The Property Garden are Buyers Advocates and Feng Shui consultants and have over 19 years’ experience in the real estate industry. We take a holistic approach to assisting our buyers buy property in Melbourne, Australia.


  • mou
    August 19, 2016, 3:37 am

    “a donation of 20% of our profits to charity.”
    Wow… that’s more than we pay for our taxes. I like!
    When I’m ready to buy, I’m looking at you!